The CSHA facility required highly integrated, state-of-the-art mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems. Since some of the rooms required positive air pressure 24-hours a day, and some required negative air pressure, the commissioning process involved testing all critical rooms for proper air balance. 

Construction of the highly technical MRI department was also extremely challenging. The MRI machine was ordered from Germany prior to the construction start date and the manufacturer selected the delivery date. This date could not be changed because the machines are only supplied with enough liquid helium to cool themselves for 10 days upon construction. The room had to be ready to facilitate the MRI machine’s delivery immediately upon arrival, so our schedule was largely dictated by this department’s construction. Further complicating matters, the delivery date was scheduled for Boxing Day. 

On top of these special requirements, plus the intricate exteriors and exquisite interior finishings, the project had an extremely tight 10-month schedule.


The CSHA project required a combination of team building, technical expertise and hours of early planning and coordination. Not having worked with the project and design team previously, we made it a priority to establish a cohesive structure focused on common goals from day one. 

The level of detail in this facility rivals some of the highest in the country, and in-house coordination of 3-D shop drawings was key to its success. During the bid phase, we recognized that creating a team-oriented subcontractor base would be critical. We also held extensive planning sessions and spent countless hours of coordination to ensure project success.

From the start of the project, our entire team understood the importance of the MRI department construction. Everyone rallied together and endured several sleepless nights to successfully install the MRI machine to its exact specifications.


The entire Synergy Construction team was extremely proud of the results of this project. We built a fully functional, visually impressive new health facility that is an asset to the community. Even with the extremely tight timeline, we finished the project both on time and on budget.