Peter's Place Hygiene Center

  • Location

    Seattle, WA

Peter’s Place is a safe haven where homeless men and women are given refuge, meals and basic services. They are offered assistance from case managers to help them find a path out of homelessness through benefits, entitlements and mental health treatment. The current Peter’s Place location took the place of two separate Compass Housing shelters. After being forced to abandon one of their facilities due to the building being torn down, the two projects were combined. The Peter’s Place location, 901 Rainier Avenue South in Seattle, is the bottom floor of a 1980s vintage building.Peter’s Place now opens its doors at night to house 38 men and eight women. The space includes sleeping rooms, a kitchen facility, large shower rooms, commercial laundry, several offices for on-site staff and a large pantry area with four refrigerators to store donated food. There is an on-site nurse’s station and free WiFi and phone service as well.